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Better Connections

Stories, tips, and resources to inspire you on your journey toward increased language access.

3 Features a Language Services Partner Should Offer Your Omnichannel Contact Center

In his March 2016 article, Baker Johnson shares 3 tips for Outstanding Omnichannel Service while moving to a more customer-centric model: Do Your ...
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Topics: Language Services Data, Contact Centers

How Health Insurance Providers Maintain Profitability with Language Services: Part 1

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) fundamentally shifted the health insurance landscape: The requirement that health insurers accept policyholders ...
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Topics: Health Insurance, Language Services Data

Language Services Data: More Awesome When You Have More Access

This is the age of insights, of turning numbers into data and data into value. We track and analyze to improve and refine – making operations more ...
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Topics: Language Services Data

Telephone Interpreting Data: 3 Reasons the Details Matter

When your business relies on a call center to generate sales and support customers, you need as much information about your incoming and outgoing ...
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Topics: Telephone Interpreting, Language Services Data

Language Services Data: Insights That Move You Forward

Increase efficiency – it’s on the top of the list, no matter what industry you’re in, who your customers are or how you want to “change the world.” ...
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Topics: Language Services Data