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Meet Anguel Bustos: Champion of Language Access & GLOBO’s Director of Client Services

Meet Anguel Bustos, GLOBO's Director of Client Services

Anguel Bustos, Director of Client Services at GLOBO, has a deeply personal connection to the field of language solutions.

His very name is a testament to the necessity of linguistic services. Born in a rural Texas hospital to non-English-speaking parents, a misunderstanding by a non-Spanish-speaking nurse and a lack of interpretation services led to the unique spelling of his name, Anguel, instead of Angel. This early encounter with the consequences of language barriers would shape Bustos' future career and passion.

Sharing as an interpreter in 2007, Bustos quickly recognized the critical need for language services in healthcare. His bilingual abilities became an asset in bridging communication gaps, but his experiences solidified his commitment to the profession. One defining moment occurred at a small hospital in rural Minnesota, where Bustos had to interpret for those involved in a mass casualty incident involving a Spanish-speaking family of migrant workers - the tragic accident resulting from an ice storm. 

With eight casualties and a need for clear communication, all available interpreters were mobilized. Bustos recalls the intense involvement of interpreters in every stage, from lifesaving efforts to delivering heartbreaking news to injured loved ones. Bustos emphasized that such dedication to language access is crucial for effective healthcare delivery. 

In contrast, Bustos also remembers lighter moments in his career, such as interpreting during the grand opening of a pediatric trauma center. He found himself unexpectedly in front of TV cameras, interpreting for healthcare professionals on Univision.

As GLOBO's Director of Client Services, he oversees interpreter recruiting, onboarding, and compliance. Bustos describes interpreters as LEP (limited English proficient) shadows, crucial in ensuring patients' voices are heard.


Our role as an interpreter is to be an objective, impartial third person. I've referred to myself as an LEP shadow. Interpreters are here to be the patient's voice and to help in circumstances where people don't understand each other."

- Anguel Bustos, Director of Client Services

 Advocacy of language access remains a central theme in Bustos' work. He stressed that access to interpreting services is not just a federal mandate but a fundamental aspect of equitable healthcare. 

From the unique spelling of his name to the life-altering moments he's witnessed, Anguel Bustos' story is a testament to the vital importance of linguistic services. His dedication to the field continues to drive his efforts to ensure language access for all and impact countless individuals' lives.

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