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Social Decompression

GLOBO offers all of our interpreters with the option to attend Social Decompression. These sessions provide an open forum to discuss any positive or challenging experiences faced while providing services. This open and direct communication style has helped us to stand out within the interpreting community.


Roundtable Sessions

GLOBO values interpreters as cultural brokers. We offer Roundtable Sessions where customers can meet to discuss with interpreters who have serviced their account. These sessions are invaluable for: uncovering latent needs, identifying potentially confusing or culturally-dissonant scripting or workflows, identifying training opportunities, and uncovering ways to improve language and culture inclusivity.

Resources and Education

We believe in equipping linguists with the education resources and materials needed to provide the best possible experience for customers. GLOBO interpreters receive access to client resources, style guides, and glossaries, allowing you to continually improve performance.

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