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In 2010, language industry veteran Gene Schriver saw an opportunity to positively disrupt the industry and got to work devising a plan. He envisioned a solution that would give businesses a way to manage multilingual communications with visibility into their diverse linguistic populations through data and insights.

The result was GLOBO, a tech-based, unified language support solution designed to eliminate inefficiencies in service of eradicating language barriers (and bad experiences). GLOBO’s full range of language services — including on-demand telephone, video, and on-site interpreting, as well as on-demand text translation — has quickly become the choice solution among enterprises, enabling communication in over 430 languages.

The Future is Empathic.

Over 25 million people in the U.S. are considered to have limited-English proficiency, meaning they speak English “less than very well.” Beyond language and cultural diversity necessitating empathy in communication, the trend across industries has shifted toward more personalized experiences, requiring an empathic understanding of people and their needs. Every day is a new opportunity to make the world a more inclusive place. 

At GLOBO, we make an effort to prioritize empathy:

  • Empathic to our customers.
    Providing transparency, offering customized solutions, and tailoring our solutions to your needs.
  • Empathic to our linguists.
    Providing training, support, and engagement for our linguists so they can interpret more effectively.
  • Empathic to end users.
    Eliminating barriers for limited-English speakers by quickly connecting them to highly-qualified interpreters.

An empathic future is waiting. Will you be ready?