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On-Demand & Scheduled Solutions 24/7/365

No matter your needs, GLOBO provides easy-to-use, quality interpreting solutions designed for you and your community.
  • Quality Where it Counts

    Our network of highly-qualified, industry-specialized interpreters are ready to help you connect with your limited-English proficient, Deaf or hard of hearing community whenever you need to most.

  • Connect from Anywhere
    Access our network of professional interpreters with ease. Reliable technology connects you with a quality interpreter within moments, no specialized equipment required.
  • Better Insights Lead to Better Efficiencies
    Access to real-time data via GLOBO HQ gives you an in-depth view of language mix and utilization, and assists you with the right analytics to optimize your language support services.

How it Works




Telephone Interpreting

Access interpreting on-demand through any standard telephone, iOS, or Android device. Telephone interpreting can also be scheduled through GLOBO HQ.

GLOBO telephone interpreting incorporates smart, skills-based routing to send calls to interpreters based on subject matter expertise, required qualifications, and experience.


  • On-demand access to 430+ languages
  • Custom IVR/intake menu
  • Speedy connect times
  • Review service levels and call information in real-time

Use Cases:

  • Patient-provider interactions
  • Scheduling, intake, and billing
  • Pre-appointment check-in
  • Customer service

Video Remote Interpreting

Access qualified interpreters whenever you need them via our secure, reliable, HIPAA-compliant portal. Plus, our multi-participant video solution enables multiple participants to join the same video call from remote locations.

Video Remote Interpreting is accessible from any computer, iOS or Android device via the GLOBO HQ app.


  • On-demand access to interpreters
  • Custom IVR/intake menu
  • Speedy connect times
  • Review service levels and call Information in real-time
  • Integrate with telehealth and video platforms

Use Cases:

  • American Sign Language
  • Essential need to understand non-verbal communication
  • Pediatric care
  • Group conversations, e.g. family conference where family is present for comfort and support, but not involved in treatment

On-site Interpreting

Set an appointment for a one-time need or reserve service for an ongoing project. Access intuitive calendars and job management tools to for the power to see everything in one place, at one time.


  • Access to a qualified pool of interpreters in your area
  • Specify end-user preferences (e.g. gender of interpreter)
  • Access to intuitive scheduling and appointment management tools

Use Cases:

  • Interpreting with children
  • Interpreting with cognitively impaired patients/end-users
  • When visual aids are required (e.g., during physical therapy appointments)

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