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Caring for Limited English Patients Amid the COVID-19 Outbreak

Caring for Limited English Patients Amid the COVID-19 Outbreak and How GLOBO is Preparing


Disseminating accurate information to LEP patients is critical in preventing the spread of the coronavirus.

With the recent outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) affecting the global community, healthcare systems are taking every precaution to keep patients, staff, and providers protected from the outbreak. Communication of information plays a key role in preventing the spread of the disease, and is especially critical when considering the 25.5 million people in the US population considered to be Limited-English Proficient (LEP). Ensuring this group has detailed and accurate information regarding the prevention and containment of the disease is critical.

As the situation develops, take the following steps to keep your LEP patients healthy and informed:


For an update on GLOBO's operational assistance during this crisis and the steps we have implemented to ensure business continuity for our customers around the world, please see the "How GLOBO is Preparing" section below.



circle check Telehealth Policies

If you are planning to increase telehealth appointments, consider the training needed for the staff on effective and efficient interpretation practices for telehealth calls. 


circle check Interpreting Modes

Consider Video Remote Interpreting and Telephone Interpreting as potential alternatives to On-Site Interpreting.  


circle check Signage

Resources placed on the front door, both pictorial and multilingual, covering risks of having travelled from a high-risk country/having been in contact with someone who has travelled abroad in the last two weeks; information about symptoms; information about language services available.


circle check Triage System

Plan triaging for LEP patients through the reception desk. Train reception staff on how to access interpreters and what multilingual resources are available for patients.


circle check Patient Education Resources

Translate materials (pictorial/audio/videos) into multiple languages and include detailed information, such as tips on what to do if they have been in close contact with someone diagnosed; how to approach self-quarantine; basic information about prevention and hygiene.


circle check Public Safety Materials

Translate your organization’s policies surrounding the virus in your top languages; outline cleaning policies and other precautions your organization is taking to prevent the spread of the virus.


Extend Compassionate Communication

Dealing with the news surrounding the coronavirus can be alarming and overwhelming for many -- especially for those who are unable to understand all of the information surrounding the outbreak. Make sure your health system is extending compassionate communication to all patients by implementing adequate levels of multilingual support for your LEP patients. 


How GLOBO is Preparing

GLOBO has taken steps to provide operational assistance during this crisis and to ensure business continuity for our customers around the world.

If you are a GLOBO customer, here is what to expect from our service lines:

Telephone Interpreting:
Our teams are closely monitoring call volume and working to increase staffing where required. 

On-site Interpretation
: GLOBO will make all efforts to fill requests as usual. Our primary concern is the safety of our customers, interpreters, and staff. Onsite interpreters have been instructed to notify us immediately if they are not feeling well, and to stay home.  

In the instance an onsite request may not be filled, and for some "Rush" requests, we recommend the usage of GLOBO's Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) service. 

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI): In addition to the on-demand available languages, GLOBO will also expand our available offerings to better support customers who we may not be able to provide an onsite interpreter for. This includes additional available languages as well as methods to use VRI support.

Translation: There is no change to the translation process. 


Need help navigating COVID-19 for your Limited English Speaking population?

We're here to help. Don't hesitate to reach out. 


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This blog post does not provide medical advice. It is intended for informational purposes only, and is not a substitute for the medical advice of healthcare professionals and administrators. 


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