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Around the Web: Putting the 'Patient' in 'Patient Experience'

Patients are more empowered than ever before. 

And though improved Patient Experience has long been a healthcare industry goal, what it means to be truly patient-focused is challenged daily. With individuals creating communities to explore health solutions and conduct their own research, in addition to healthcare institutions developing patient think tanks and innovation programs, the spirit of the Maker Movement is alive and well in the healthcare space.

In order for these collaborative spaces for patient-provider exchanges and research to be truly useful, everyone needs to speak the same language (literally and figuratively). Understanding and acknowledging differences in cultural background, learning style, and expectations, means that collaborative innovation can take place in a more profound way. And recording patient data in a contextualized manner, means innovation can happen more quickly.

This week, we're interested in what it means to put the patient at the center of innovation. We've collected ideas from around the web on health makerspaces, contextualized data, and decentralized research to get our wheels turning on how to include the 'Patient' as an active participant in 'Patient Experience'.

A Revolution in Access to Healthcare: DIY Labs and Makerspaces | The Medical Futurist

“Makerspaces, DIY labs, and digital technologies enable individuals to enter the ivory tower of medicine, which for centuries has only been open for doctors, nurses, medical engineers and healthcare professionals in general.”


The Maker Movement in Healthcare | Startup Health

“A lot of what I did prior to taking this role was follow the alpha geeks of healthcare. And they were the people who showed me 15 years ago about crowdsourcing towards a diagnosis.”



Creativity and Innovation in Health Care: Opening a Hospital Makerspace | ScienceDirect

“The primary goal of a makerspace is to generate fast prototypes of ideas in an affordable manner. Similar to an open corporate gym, it promotes a culture—a prototyping and ideation culture.”



Data Integration 101: The First Step to Value-Based Care | Innovaccer

“Is healthcare willing to make more breakthroughs in the care continuum with technology?”


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