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Empathy in Action: How GLOBO Supports Interpreters

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Interpreters are at the heart of our mission at GLOBO.

They help people communicate when it matters most – from facilitating information between a provider and mother during labor, sharing an unexpected diagnosis with a patient, assisting with updating a patient's insurance card, and everything in between.

Interpretation is a challenging profession that demands exceptional communication skills, cultural sensitivity, and emotional resilience. The nature of this profession can also lead to various challenges for interpreters, including environmental distractions, emotionally charged sessions, and complex terminologies.

At GLOBO, we understand the importance of providing exceptional support to interpreters to help them overcome these challenges and perform at their best. We recently sat down with Mark Rockford, Distinguished Principal, Linguist Compliance; Pearl Swasey, Language QA Specialist; and Sean Normansell, System Integrator, to learn more about how GLOBO cares for interpreters each day. 

A Conversation with GLOBO's QA Team

Q: What tactics can interpreters use to address the challenges they face in their work?

MR: The best thing an interpreter can do is think ahead.  Prepare for what those challenges may be by taking care of yourself first. You can ensure you have a comfortable, HIPAA-compliant work area equipped with tools you may need, such as a notepad, industry glossaries, water, and a snack for in-between calls. There are a lot of things that go into making sure your space is set up for success.

SN: Self-care beyond all else. As an interpreter, there is no pit crew; it's just you, so you must take care of yourself first and foremost. Constantly search for new knowledge to better oneself and take it further by seeking credentialing and having a business mindset. These steps are crucial for success and for navigating challenges in the field. 


Q: What are some of the types of support GLOBO offers for interpreters?

MR: At GLOBO, we do a lot to support the growth and well-being of our interpreters by offering workshops and other resources covering various topics, from setting up your workspace to developing a business mindset. Outside stressors can affect your well-being and your work. We offer resources to help care for interpreters as a whole people – budget workshops, how to plan and manage your finances, and other skills that can benefit interpreters and their business.

SN: At GLOBO, we prioritize people and their needs. We offer flexible shifts and hours, along with Social Decompression and Protocol Ninja Warrior sessions. In Social Decompression, interpreters have a safe space for discussion and community, while the Protocol Ninja Warrior sessions help to enhance protocol skills and attention to detail. We also provide a weekly newsletter with on-the-job advice and a resource page with helpful tools. For quick answers, interpreters can use the linguist support form and GLObot chat feature. Lastly, we recognize interpreters for their success and great work via certificates. Celebrate your wins! 


Q: Why is it important to GLOBO that we provide this type of support to interpreters?

SN: Everyone on the GLOBO QA team is an interpreter. We get it, we know. We take the same calls, feel the range of emotions, and face the same challenges. Our supportive, quality-based approach is unique in this industry because we demonstrate that the quality we care about is just the accuracy of message rendition, but also the quality of work-life balance for interpreters. 

PS: Building community is essential. The Social Decompression sessions highlight that colleagues are going through the same challenges. There is a collective energy of all interpreters, knowing they are not alone. Supporting interpreters with self-development resources – all the workshops, webinars, glossaries, etc. – all these ways of support will help interpreters excel at what they do, love what they are doing, and have a passion for what they're doing, which equals quality. We want to ensure our interpreters feel valued and know they are part of something bigger. 


We listen and love receiving feedback from our interpreter colleagues. GLOBO is about communication, so who would we be if we didn’t listen to the people who help us communicate when it matters most?"

 - Mark Rockford
Distinguished Principal, Linguist Compliance, GLOBO


Let's Create a More Empathic Future, Together. 

At GLOBO, we strive to provide exceptional support for interpreters so that they can perform at their best and feel valued and supported in their work. We believe that by creating better experiences for interpreters, we can enhance the overall accuracy, quality, and satisfaction of interpreter services, benefiting both our interpreters and the clients they serve.

Ready to join us on our mission to create better experiences for everyone, no matter what language they speak? Learn more about how to become a linguist with GLOBO today! 


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