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Navigating AI in Language Services: Insights from the Nimdzi Webinar

Navigating AI in Language Services: Insights from Nimdzi Webinar with GLOBO: Webinar Recap

In the rapidly evolving landscape of language services, integrating AI technologies has become a pivotal point of discussion. Recently, Nimdzi Insights hosted a webinar featuring industry leaders, including language access experts from GLOBO. Kristin Hoffman, GLOBO's director of translation, and Whitney Douglass, GLOBO's VP of coordinated services, shared valuable insights into the role of AI in language services. 

Joining GLOBO on the panel were Ewandro Magalhaes, Nimdzi Insights global language strategist, and Laura Holcomb, co-founder and lead interpreter of String & Can.

GLOBO's Perspective on AI for Translation & Interpretation 

With its mission of helping people communicate effectively across languages, GLOBO has been at the forefront of leveraging technology to enhance language services. The webinar shed light on GLOBO's disruptive approach in the language services industry through its innovative cloud-based platform, GLOBO HQ. Hoffman and Douglass articulated GLOBO's commitment to delivering value-driven solutions grounded in smart technology and actionable expertise. 


"We're [GLOBO] thinking about things in terms of the quality aspect and what kind of value we can provide, what kind of insights we can provide back to our customers, to LEP's, to Deaf and hard of hearing folks. You ask how we do it responsibly- one- understanding what the limitations are, understanding what the possibilities are and solutions to them and helping our customers and linguists understand who are actually deploying the technology."

- Whitney Douglass, VP of Coordinated Services 

Key Takeaways from the Webinar 

The discussion delved into the evolution of machine translation and AI in the language services industry, as well as the fear that AI is creating in the industry. Hoffman and Douglass provided insights into the pragmatic application of AI technologies, emphasizing the importance of maintaining quality and accuracy in translation and interpretation. GLOBO's approach revolves around leveraging AI as a complementary tool to enhance human capabilities rather than replacing them. 

In the webinar, participants will gain insights into multiple key aspects of AI integration in language services, including: 

  • Balancing Cost-effectiveness and Quality: Discover how companies effectively navigate the delicate balance between cost-effectiveness and maintaining high-quality standards when integrating AI into language services. 
  • The Evolution of AI in Language Services: Explore the evolving landscape of machine translation and other AI applications within the language services industry. Gain perspectives on the role AI is poised to play in shaping the future of language services. 
  • Ethical Considerations and Best Practices: Delve into the ethical considerations surrounding using AI in translation and interpretation. Learn strategies to ensure that best practices are upheld while leveraging AI technologies responsibly.

For a deeper understanding of these crucial topics, we invite you to watch the entire webinar. 

Watch the Webinar! 

For those seeking a deeper understanding of AI's role in translation and interpretation, we encourage you to watch the entire webinar. Gain firsthand perspectives from industry experts and discover how GLOBO is navigating the integration of AI technologies to meet the evolving needs of its clients. 

Watch the Webinar! 

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