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Legacy Thinking and Language Support Don’t Mix — Here’s Why

Text: Legacy thinking and language support don't mix - here's why

legacy thinking language support

We're in the midst of rapid globalization and innovative advancement— this is an opportunity to better serve your community, but rising to the challenge means moving beyond legacy thinking, which Forbes characterizes as "All of the instinctive responses that shield us from dreaming bigger through innovation." Are you up for the challenge?

While the COVID-19 pandemic has been a catalyst for many of the changes we've seen in 2020, the world was shifting well before then. The needs of the community have significantly changed—now, there's an opportunity for businesses and organizations to change alongside them. In order to provide the best possible experiences for everyone, it's important to remain open to re-designing systems that are no longer working for you. This is especially pertinent as it relates to language support.

Here are four reasons why adopting a growth mindset toward your language solution will help your organization achieve more accessible solutions, improved customer satisfaction, and improved business outcomes. 


1 Gold-png Remote work is here to stay.

Remote work was already growing in popularity before the pandemic. According to a 2019 survey, 62% of full-time employees in the United States reported working remotely at least occasionally, and a full 30% of survey respondents reported working remotely full time.

Of course, COVID-19 rapidly shifted even more of the workforce into remote working. Faced with the choice between shutting down or moving their operations to virtual, most companies were pressed to quickly change models.

With remote work likely to remain a reality long after the pandemic ends, it's critical that the language solution your organization uses can adapt to these shifts. Ensure your solution can support virtual meetings (such as telehealth appointments and virtual conferences) and easily integrate into your organization's other solutions. 


LingoAsset-png-2 Your data is unique.

Every organization has different needs, and one size does not fit all when it comes to leveraging data and reporting. A language solution should have the ability to make the most of your data: managing, tracking and visualizing every detail with real-time insight into everything from which languages your customers speak to how much each department and location is spending on language services. 

Avoid settling for a language solution that's stuck in a "one size fits all" mindset -- instead, opt for a solution that offers customizable reporting and services tailored to your unique business needs.


LingoAsset-png-3 Communication silos are a thing of the past.

Don't let your organization be a victim of siloed communication. Siloed communication occurs when different teams speak only amongst themselves, rather than cross-collaborating between departments. Besides being highly inefficient for your business, this can also wreak havoc on the customer experience, leading to long wait times and poor customer service. A legacy language services mindset can contribute to silos by making it difficult for all team members to access services as needed, especially if they are working remotely.

To prevent communication silos from forming, you need a language solution that is flexible, accessible by everyone on your team regardless of physical location, and easy to use. It should also provide a breadth of services, from quick-turnaround translation to video remote interpretation, allowing employees to choose the service that makes the most sense in real-time.


LingoAsset-png-4 Globalization affects everything.

While globalization brings tremendous potential, it also brings its own unique challenges. Not only do you need to compete on a world stage, but with language no longer tied to geography, it is also vital to make sure your organization's language solution is comprehensive and adaptable enough to keep up.

Legacy thinking will prevent your company from being truly competitive in the global marketplace, while a modern language solution can help you make the most of increasing globalization. In 2020 and beyond, it's important to empower your organization with the right tools to effectively communicate with customers, employees and vendors who may be scattered across the globe.



growth mindset language solutionThe time to adopt a growth mindset is now.


The world around us is changing rapidly. In order to not fall behind, even the most reluctant organizations must shift their thinking and ways of doing business swiftly. Don't let legacy thinking keep your business stuck in the past, especially when it comes to your language solutions. Discover how GLOBO helps businesses like yours prepare for the future.

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