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Language Services Data: More Awesome When You Have More Access


This is the age of insights, of turning numbers into data and data into value. We track and analyze to improve and refine – making operations more efficient and the customer experience more meaningful. You know your data’s important, but it can be tough to get ahold of it when your customer interactions are handled by third-party providers.

If you’re working with a more traditional language services provider, one who’s perhaps a bit outdated on the technology front, you know what we’re talking about. You don’t know where your call data is, or if it even exists. Your language services data is actually a gold mine of business intelligence and serious value.

Here, we’ll talk about three ways you could be using your language services data to better your business.

#1. Track performance.  

With service-level data supplied by your provider – e.g., handle time of any given call and connection speed to a qualified telephone interpreter – you can track the performance of your language services provider and make sure you’re getting the value you signed up for. This kind of data also allows you to monitor the efficiency of your customer service reps.

Be wary of a provider who sends you a bulk list of calls with total number of minutes used per month. That’s not business intelligence. That’s just an invoice.

Your data should be specific, explicit and in real time. It should also be accessible, making it easy to extract insights and apply the learned value to your business.

With live data dashboards, you get instant insight into the connect time and handle time of each call, as well as the averages by language, department and location - visibility into your customer’s experience.

#2. Understand your limited-English speakers.

Tracking customer behavior is like looking into a mirror for your business. You’ll see where your weaknesses are, where your strengths are and what kinds of products, services or markets you should be gravitating toward to consistently delight your customers.

Many companies make the mistake of focusing solely on call data from English-speaking customers. By overlooking limited-English speakers – currently 20% of the U.S. population, and the fastest-growing market – you’re putting on major blinders. That’s a huge part of the picture you’re not seeing.

This is where your language services provider should be filling in the gaps. Think about what you could do with insight into such a valuable market – the growth and revenue opportunities you could access with language-specific population data.

What do your Hindi-speaking customers want from you?
Are your German speakers excited about your new initiative?

Detailed language analytics give you a better understanding of your valuable limited-English speakers so you can market smarter and develop in lockstep with their evolving preferences.

#3. Gain a holistic view of your language services.

Data means nothing unless you can extract a story from it, using its insights to make informed decisions and apply real value to your business. This is the age of live dashboards, data visualizations and enterprise-wide transparency.

Your language services provider should be making your data work for you. You should have no problem linking individual calls and costs to customers and departments. You should be able to track activity by language. And you should be able to see all of this in real time through a single dashboard, where you can create customizable reports and data visualizations that lay out the value with simplicity.

This information not only helps your accounting department track costs and close out accounts at the end of each month, but it also shows you where you can reduce overhead and amp up internal resources for smart growth.

Know what you don’t know.

It’s common for companies to accept minimal insight into their limited-English speakers – even though it may be their most critical market for growth – simply because they’re unaware that there are better options out there - that there are better providers out there.

Don’t settle for anything less than a language services provider who’s adamant about revving that data engine for you, and cranking out serious value for your business.


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