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GLOBO is Now Available in Epic Toolbox for Integration on Broadscale Interpreter Services

GLOBO Now Available in Epic Toolbox for Broadscale Interpreter Services

More integrations planned to increase language access solutions access across the care continuum

Philadelphia, PA - GLOBO, a leading interpreting and translation provider, is now in Toolbox, meeting Epic's recommended practices for Interpretation Services integrations. GLOBO's integration enables clinicians on-demand access to its platform and network of live translators for more than 430+ languages. 

"Integrating with Epic holds the potential to greatly expand linguistics support for limited English proficiency nationwide," said GLOBO CEO Dipak Patel, who noted that broader access is needed to serve the estimated 68 million people in the U.S. today who do not speak English as their first language. Studies show that patients who face language barriers have poorer health outcomes than those who speak the local language.

The benefits of providing adequate translation and interpreting to non-English-speaking patients include: 

  • Greater trust between patients, families, and caregivers 
  • An increase in health literacy 
  • Better outcomes and increased participation in care (medication adherence, lifestyle changes, etc.)
  • Improved empathy, sensitivity, and cultural awareness by providers 
  • Reduced errors and ongoing error reduction 

GLOBO is working on additional Epic integrations for medical records, interpretation history, and discharge instructions, including care plans, medication instructions, and other related medical documentation.

According to Jonathan De Jong, GLOBO's senior vice president of Engineering, the GLOBO platform will make possible the immediate connection to an interpreter session directly from the patient's medical record. Links to recordings and transcripts will help clinicians and healthcare staff easily access and compare information documented during previous visits. Translated discharge information, available via MyChart, will engage and ensure patients fully understand their care plan following an appointment or hospitalization. 


When a clinician sees an LEP patient, they'll be able to select the appropriate language in real-time and request a telehealth interpreter session on demand, preventing inefficient and often stressful wait times,"

De Jong added. "The other telehealth features will include access to past translated records and the most recent care instructions for patients in their language of choice." 

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GLOBO is a patient communications company that helps organizations to communicate across 430+ languages, providing robust data and insights through a revolutionary cloud-based platform, GLOBO HQ. Since its inception, GLOBO has successfully disrupted the language services industry with a value-driven model grounded in smart technology and actionable insights, drawing on a community of thousands of linguists. GLOBO has been listed on the Inc. 500|5000 eight times and is ranked in the Top 34 of the 2023 Nimdzi Interpreting Index: Ranking of the Top Interpreting Service Providers. GLOBO is also a 2024 Vendors Division Semi-Finalist in Healthcare Innovation Magazine's annual Innovator Awards Program. Follow us on X, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

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