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How to Find the Best Language Services Provider for Your Business

Txt: How to find the best language service provider for your business

Are you on a first-time hunt for a language services provider? Or, maybe you're dissatisfied with your current language services vendor and you're exploring other options? No matter the circumstance, we understand that finding the right provider for your business can feel overwhelming.

Alas! To take the stress out of your quest, we've outlined 10 things you should look for when searching for the best language services provider for your business:

1. A single platform to address all of your language support needs


You shouldn’t need multiple vendors or tools just to communicate with your multilingual customers. Find a provider that offers a one-stop platform to order, manage and track language services including: on-demand telephone interpreting, video remote interpreting and email & chat translation, as well as document translation, on-site interpreting and transcreation & localization.

2. Scalability


While you may only need to support a handful of languages today, the limited-English-speaking population is rapidly growing. With at least 350 languages spoken in the United States, your language support needs will undoubtedly evolve as you emerge into new markets. Look for a language services provider that supports a multitude of languages and can scale with you as you grow.

3. 24/7 support, 365 days of the year


Your business may not operate the normal 9-5, so be sure your language services provider can keep the same hours as you. Find a provider that offers interpreting and translation support around the clock, no matter the day, no matter the time.

4. Language support throughout the entire customer lifecycle

Your language services provider should strengthen your customer outreach and retention efforts. Find a provider that can support your language needs throughout the entire customer lifecycle - whether that be localizing your website to ease global e-commerce, transcreating marketing materials, or offering on-demand telephone interpreting to support existing customers.

So, where are the remaining 6?

We've got them here!
Download How to Find the BEST Language Services Provider for Your Business to get the full checklist. 


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