The power of video. Anytime.

Access video interpreters on-demand, at the click of a button.
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Certified Interpreters

Some things really need to be seen to be believed. Work with interpreters face to face, without the complicated logistics and scheduling. With GLOBO video interpreting, you have instant video access to certified interpreters at the click of a button.  
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Online, All the Time

A GLOBO account, internet access, and a web camera. That's all you need to log in any time of the day or night and reach an interpreter. GLOBO video interpreting uses sophisticated technology to provide you with a high-quality video conference call with professional interpreters. We're standing by to assist your communication around the clock.
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Robust Service

GLOBO video interpreting is the most robust, reliable, and high-quality solution on the market. Installation on any computer is easy and firewall friendly. Transaction data and billing information is available whenever you need it.  
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Complete Mobility

GLOBO video interpreting offers complete mobility since it is accessible from any location with high-speed internet access. It's also compatible with any desktop or laptop computer with a camera.