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Celebrating Diversity: GLOBO Hosts a Carnival of Cultures

Interpreters posing in GLOBO's photobooth at the Carnival of Cultures event

In the heart of Indianapolis, Indiana, a vibrant event unfolded that marked the intersection of languages, cultures, and unity.

GLOBO recently held Carnival of Cultures, an event at our Indianapolis office, bringing together GLOBO leadership and interpreters. It was a memorable occasion representing a true testament to the power of language and the warmth of camaraderie and teamwork. 

Meeting the GLOBO Team 

The heart of this unforgettable gathering was the opportunity for interpreters to meet members of our leadership team in person. Mark Rockford, GLOBO's Distinguished Principal, Linguist Compliance, was there to welcome everyone with open arms and share his insights on the exciting journey ahead while giving kudos to how important interpreters are. 


Interpreters make such a big difference in people's lives. You can see the joy on their faces when they can finally communicate, when they can finally get the help they need, paying their insurance, talking to the doctor, doing simple things that so many of us take for granted in our daily lives." 

- Mark Rockford, Distinguished Principal, Linguist Compliance, GLOBO


Dominika Weston, Talent Manager for GLOBO, was another familiar face at the event. Over the course of the evening, she spoke about opportunities for interpreters to assess their skills, connect with other GLOBO interpreters, and tips for taking advantage of the ongoing support and coaching offered by GLOBO's QA team.  

The event was a joyous celebration of language and culture. Attendees captured memories in the photo booth and traveled 'Around the World' to various stations where some of our amazing interpreters shared their culture. There were fun games, and even a flu shot clinic! 

Attendees also had the opportunity to hear from various voices from the GLOBO leadership team throughout the night.


Mark Rockford & Rebecca Buchan at Carnival of Cultures.

Mark Rockford shared his passionate commitment to linguistic excellence and the promise of a bright future together. 



Chris Waters, the founder of LUNA, also shared his enthusiasm for the partnership, emphasizing that this event was not just about merging two companies but uniting two communities driven by dedication and passion. 

Although GLOBO's CEO, Dipak Patel, couldn't be there in person, his presence was felt through a heartfelt video message shown to interpreters upon arrival. He spoke of his excitement surrounding the collaboration and the immense potential it holds. 

Celebrating Collaboration & the Future of the Language Industry 

At GLOBO, we see ourselves as a platform for building bridges and creating a world that transcends language barriers. The Carnival of Cultures was a celebration of the colorful tapestry of languages, cultures, and the global community that defines us;  we’re incredibly grateful for our growing team of interpreters.

Are you ready to be a part of our mission to create better experiences for everyone, regardless of the language they speak? Discover how you can become a linguist with GLOBO today and make a meaningful impact on the world. 


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