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Aiven names GLOBO 'Tech for Good Champion' exemplifying Innovation, Excellence, and Impact

Aiven Names GLOBO 'Tech for Good Champion'

GLOBO was in good company, joining Avaya, Priceline, and Sway AI in the winner's circle at Aiven's inaugural Customer Champion Awards ceremony held at the Aiven Live conference in New York on Feb. 28. GLOBO received the "Tech for Good" award as part of the international event, which brings together leading experts in open source and data technologies to discuss industry trends and best practices. 

"Our customers have achieved some pretty amazing things over the last year," said Aiven Chief Marketing Officer, Ian Massingham. "When companies put innovation at the heart of their businesses, we can see the direct impact of their technology investments in streamlined operations, new business models, profitability, enhanced customer experiences, and social impact. Those who are committed to innovation are indeed staying ahead of the competition, can attract the best and brightest talent, and create excitement about their futures."

Aiven's "Tech for Good" award recognizes GLOBO for its contributions to society, driving a better way to communicate across languages in healthcare, education, and more. Characterizing GLOBO as a "communications company" versus another language solutions provider, GLOBO CEO Dipak Patel said, "We help people communicate when it matters most." 

In healthcare, for instance, he explained that "our translation and interpretation services are near real-time, ensuring that providers can communicate with their patients in the moment, often when emotions are high, in their language of choice. This is so important to clinicians as they seek to understand how a patient is feeling. It also builds trust with the patient and helps them understand the doctor's orders, improving compliance and well-being."

Patel added that GLOBO's mission is ultimately to help transform healthcare and other industries to improve access and equity beyond pure point solution applications. "In the case of healthcare, it is about being a strategic partner, providing linguistic assistance across all touchpoints in the patient's journey." This includes helping with support outside the hospital or doctor's office to address social determinants of health (SDoH), including access to dood, transportation, and other essential services.

How high is the need for this level of support? By 2024, the U.S. is expected to be a majority-minority nation, with: 

  • 1 out of 5 people speaking a language other than English at home 
  • The U.S. foreign-born population is expected to reach 18% by 2065 

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), racial and ethnic minorities are known to have higher morbidity and mortality rates from chronic diseases. Despite this, an alarming 30% of limited English patients (LEPs) still do not receive professional interpretation today, resulting in: 

  • 30% more emergency department (ED) visits 
  • 24% more likely to have an unplanned ED revisit within 72 hours of care 
  • 40% higher rates of hospitalization 
  • 42% more imaging services 
  • Longer hospital lengths of stay by 1.5 days or more 

Along with GLOBO, other award categories/winners included: 

  • Business Transformation Champion Award - Avaya, a global leader in customer experience solutions
  • Customer Excellence Champion Award- Priceline, an online travel agency for finding consumer discount rates 
  • Start-up Champion Award- Sway AI, the no-code AI development platform company 

"GLOBO and all these incredibly smart, ambitious, and innovative companies are truly creating amazing experiences for their customers and improving the world around us," added Massingham. "We at Aiven have one simple goal and that is to simplify the management of data infrastructures to unleash data-driven innovation, and we are ecstatic that our data platform is helping to create such transformation and impact." 

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