No matter how complex the project, we help you manage it with ease.

Give your enterprise access to the language support it needs to succeed with the powerful GLOBO platform.
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Easy Job Setup

Get your job translated with just a few clicks. Easily upload your document to be translated and your GLOBO project manager will take it from there.
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See all Your Jobs in One Place

You don't have to look hard to find what you need.  GLOBO HQ's real-time reporting dashboard gives you a clear picture of project status, whether you have one document or one hundred.
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Eliminate Email Attachments

Say goodbye to confusing group emails. No more searching for the latest version of your document. View the latest and greatest, right from the dashboard. 
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Work with Dedicated Teams

Our teams stick with you and learn your language. The entire process becomes faster and even easier, as we build more than translation memory. In fact, you'll soon find that our team is really your team.