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Around the Web: The Future is Empathetic


The recent past has seen our world grow ever more productive and efficient. Now, we’re prioritizing empathy.

From customized shopping experiences to personalized telemedicine, the trend across industries is to innovate, humanize, and make meaning at the individual level. The result? Increasingly less tolerance for a poor experience: including one that isn’t delivered in the customer’s or patient’s preferred language.

This week, we’re interested in the future. We’ve gathered some ideas from around the web, and invite you to imagine with us what the future could look like as experiences become more empathetic and communication more seamless across channels and across languages. The possibilities are endless.

The Future of healthcare is Empathetic-01.png 

The Future Is About Empathy, Not Coding | The Medical Futurist

“In healthcare, soft skills such as empathy – and the jobs connected with it will be valued more and more in the future.”


The next big thing in AI, emotional intelligence, could give hospitals a competitive edge | Healthcare IT News

“How do you manage a patient's emotional quotient?...These are problems we're grappling with. But hospitals and healthcare companies have an opportunity to lead in this space.”


The Innovation Health Care Really Needs: Help People Manage Their Own Health | Harvard Business Review

"Embrace the business model of extended care teams that include health coaches."


The Future of communication is Empathetic-01.png


What the Future Looks Like for Contact Centres | CommsTrader

"The new contact centre is designed to provide consistent, context-appropriate customer experiences (CX) regardless of the channel used to initiate contact."


The Future of work is Empathetic-01.png


What we'll Teach in the Future Hasn't been Invented Yet | Nation Swell

"Despite all the technological advances we have to look forward to, I don’t see them competing with raw human creativity anytime soon. Or with the potential for deep relationships."



This Is How Hubspot Trains Its Employees To Be More Empathetic | Fast Company

"We all carry things with us to work that can’t be seen on the surface, but that deeply affect our performance and interactions."



The Future of retail is Empathetic-01-1.png


Consumers want personalization, still unwilling to give up data

"Personalization continues to look like a great marketing opportunity that retailers certainly have started taking advantage of, but also can't shake persistent privacy concerns." 



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