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GLOBO Introduces Updates to Desktop Portal & Mobile Application

Text: Meet our new features

We've launched new features for our desktop portal and mobile applications!

Mobile devices have become commonplace in healthcare settings; research has shown that nearly 9 in 10 physicians see an advantage in using digital health tools. Because of the accelerated adoption of mobile, GLOBO has focused on new improvements to our desktop portal and point-of-access applications. The latest versions ( and 2.0.0) reduce friction between patients and care providers, paving the way for better communication and better outcomes.

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Scan and Collect Intake via Barcode Scanner

Designed to automate data capture and help prevent medical errors, a barcode scanner feature is now available for GLOBO HQ iOS users. This allows the capture of data, such as the patient’s preferred language, and associates the session with the medical record. 

The ability to scan for MRN, patient language and more streamlines intake and patient-provider interactions. Because every wristband system is different, an upfront integration effort is required to activate.

Scheduled Calls from Mobile Application

GLOBO HQ users now have the ability to access an already scheduled call from iOS and Android devices, which was previously only available via the desktop portal. This update eliminates friction for scheduled calls that would benefit from taking place via a mobile device rather than a desktop. 

release blog graphics-02Single Sign-on (SSO)

Have you ever wished you could log into GLOBO HQ without having to use a separate username and password? Single sign-on enables users to sign in with the same set of credentials used for other systems. This new feature also makes user management easier and more secure for your IT team. 

SSO is an optional feature for GLOBO customers – if you choose not to configure it, your username and password will remain the same. 

Configurable Session Timeout

With the new release, session timeout for individual users can be set and enforced on mobile devices. Session timeout occurs when a user does not perform any action during a specified interval of time. Timeouts ensure that sessions close when they are no longer in use, preventing unauthorized access and reducing exposure to data breaches.

Device IDs

Device IDs are the easiest way to identify mobile users, as they allow you to track individual devices. This not only reveals certain user behavior (which can be aggregated to identify trends) but also allows you to put users into cohorts based on understood identifiers such as geographic region or device.

Now, when installing GLOBO HQ on an iOS device using Mobile Device Management (MDM), a Device ID can be set. This device ID can be used to identify (device usage) on devices that are shared with multiple clinicians.


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