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Stories, tips, and resources to inspire you on your journey toward increased language access.

Why You Can’t Rely on Google Translate

Technology can do amazing things, but when it comes to machine translation, there's still a long way to go. Make sure your sensitive communications ...
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Topics: Translation

American Sign Language, Explained

As many as 15% of American adults have at least some trouble hearing. American Sign Language (ASL) uses hand movements and facial expressions to ...
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Bridging the Gap: Remote Interpreting for Rural Communities

About one in five Americans live in rural communities today, with rural counties experiencing a growing immigrant population.
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Language Support 101: The Complete Language Services Glossary

There's no shortage of terms in the language services industry. Use this glossary to get familiar with commonly used words and phrases you may come ...
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Topics: Language Support 101, Tips & Resources

Webinar Recap: Connecting the Dots: Health Equity, Language Access & Cultural Competency

Last week, GLOBO's panel of language access experts shared how health systems that foster cultural competency can improve outcomes for the ...
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Topics: Language Access, Tips & Resources

Understanding Cultural Awareness, Sensitivity & Competence

Population data has revealed that the nation is diversifying much faster than originally predicted.
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Top 5 Traits of an Experience-Centric Language Support Provider

Across industries, providing equal access to your products and services in people's native language can improve communication, eliminate barriers, ...
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Topics: Language Services

Cultural Competence in Healthcare: A Guide

National health is progressing, but health disparities continue among culturally and linguistically diverse populations. Organizations that foster ...
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Topics: Healthcare, Access & Outcomes

How to Save on Translation Costs: Tips for Working with Your Language Support Partner

Having 15+ years of experience in the language services industry, Senior Translation Project Manager Stephanie Casale has spent a lot of time ...
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Topics: Translation, Tips & Resources

Press Release: GLOBO Grows Engineering Team to Expand Technology Offering

May 2021 -- GLOBO, whose platform is the first data-driven language solution of its kind, announced today that it has made several strategic hirings ...
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Topics: Press Release, The GLOBO Story