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Improving Customer Experience with Multilingual Email Support for NEXON M

With GLOBO, NEXON M expanded email support to serve a global customer base while maintaining core service levels (with a minimal operational impact).

by Francesca Mayr 


NEXON M is a mobile game developer and publisher based in the San Francisco Bay Area. After the successful global rollout of DomiNations in April 2015, NEXON M saw an uptick in email support center activity among non-English speakers. While their support team was equipped to deliver in English, questions in non-English languages didn’t have a clear path for resolution. NEXON M partnered with GLOBO to improve the customer experience and support continued growth. 








messages translated in year one 



languages added on the fly


NEXON M’s Customer Support team leveraged GLOBO’s user-friendly platform to launch email support. "I can’t think of another tool I’ve used, especially one of such importance, that was as easy to get rolling as GLOBO’s platform,” says Chris Whittington, NEXON M's Community and Customer Support Director. With GLOBO HQ, NEXON M gained a centralized space to order, manage, and track language support -- plus a robust analytics platform. Usage trends and population insights help the NEXON M team make data-driven decisions to better support their multilingual customers.




"If you want exceptional customer support that covers all your language needs and scales with you, GLOBO HQ is the best tool out there. It's as simple as that."

- Chris Whittington, NEXON M Community and Customer Support Director



How NEXON M is crushing it today

Today, NEXON M is poised to support continued growth with: 

Nuanced Communication: All published content and live communications are accurate – with professional, human translators preserving nuance, voice and tone across cultures.

Improved User Experience: Transparency into usage trends has taken the guesswork out of workforce management and resource allocation. NEXON M is now able to efficiently and effectively support its gamers in regions where they had not been able to before. 

Scalability & Flexibility:  NEXON M was able to scale service to support growth into new markets, while avoiding the risk of hiring in-language agents.


As NEXON M continues to grow, Whittington trusts GLOBO to support their evolving language support needs. “What I value most is the people. I truly feel that this is a partnership.”


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Language support can be overwhelming. GLOBO uncomplicates it. Find out how. 


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