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Make your customer support reps multilingual instantly.

GLOBO streamlines communication between companies and their customers in any language – through voice, video and text.

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Telephone Interpreting 

Quickly connect to professional, industry-specialized interpreters with GLOBO's smart, skills-base routing.

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Video Remote Interpreting

Connect face-to-face with industry specialized interpreters through high-definition audio and video.

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Email & Chat Translation

Communicate with customers in any language with GLOBO's near-real-time human translation.

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Mix & Match Telephone Interpreting

Let's configure your custom language support solution. Bundle only the features that you want to deliver the experience that you need.


Telephone Interpreting

Experience the fastest connect times and most qualified, industry-specialized interpreters available with smart call routing. Get instant insight into your linguistically diverse populations and measure KPIs in real-time. 

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[fa-icon="smile-o"] Simplify Connections

Connecting to an interpreter is easy with GLOBO! Just dial your dedicated phone number from any telephone, select the language you need help with, and in seconds you'll be connected to a qualified telephone interpreter.

[fa-icon="clock-o"] Reduce Hold Times

GLOBO's vast, scalable network of professional interpreters and smart routing algorithm ensure you're quickly connected to qualified interpreters, so language barriers never prevent or delay communication.

[fa-icon="trophy"] Ensure Quality

Interpreters who know your industry's vocabulary intimately are critical to a job done well, so we utilize smart, skills-based routing to connect you to the most qualified interpreter to assist you in every interaction. 

[fa-icon="bar-chart-o"] Gain Transparency

GLOBO HQ delivers real-time service levels, call details and more so you can ensure the optimal utilization of services, track and manage spend with ease, and hold GLOBO accountable for service level performance.


If you want exceptional customer support that covers all your language needs and scales with you, GLOBO HQ is the best tool out there. It's as simple as that."

Chris Whittington

Associate Director of Community & Customer Support, NEXON M

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Video Remote Interpreting

Access qualified, industry-specialized video interpreters in just a few clicks, taps or swipes from any device, making it the next best thing to being there. Get in on the highest-quality interpreting experience and most flexible solutions with the technology that’s revolutionizing the industry.

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[fa-icon="trophy"] Qualified Interpreters 

Connect with professional, industry-specialized interpreters any time of the day or night. Whether you need help with a spoken language or American Sign Language (ASL), GLOBO's qualified interpreters are standing by to help!

[fa-icon="video-camera"] High Quality Connections

Connect face-to-face with qualified linguists through high-definition audio and video. GLOBO's reliable video technology ensures you can securely access interpreters whenever and wherever you need them.

[fa-icon="road"] Complete Mobility

A GLOBO account, internet access, and a web camera – that's all you need to reach a video interpreter anytime, anywhere. GLOBO HQ is accessible from any computer, tablet or mobile device, offering complete mobility and accessibility.

[fa-icon="lightbulb-o"] Real-Time Reporting

GLOBO facilitates transparency and accountability by providing on-demand reporting through GLOBO HQ. Access real-time data to help you understand language mix, ensure efficient utilization and optimize your language services.


On-Demand Translation

With instant access to human translators, you can support your customers no matter what language they speak. Translation technology and professional translators work in tandem to translate emails, texts and other short messages with unprecedented speed and quality.

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[fa-icon="rocket"] Speedy Turnaround

Translation technology – translation memory, machine translation, language detection, etc. – and human linguists work in tandem to ensure messages are delivered accurately and efficiently.

[fa-icon="users"] Human Translation

Professional, human translators conduct a post-edit review of all machine-translated messages to ensure accuracy, nuance of language, voice and tone.

[fa-icon="puzzle-piece"] Easy Integration

Our API makes it easy to integrate email and chat translation into your existing technology and processes, providing a seamless experience for both your users and customers. 

[fa-icon="expand"] Scalable Support

GLOBO's flexible service model makes it easy to scale support to meet unpredictable language demands, while avoiding fixed overhead costs associated with staffing a multilingual team.

With GLOBO HQ, contact centers can:

  • Improve Customer Experience (CX)
  • Improve First Contact Resolution (FCR)
  • Reduce Average Handle Times (AHT)
  • Increase Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Enhance overal Contact Quality (CQ)
  • Boost Customer Satisfaction (C-SAT)
  • Reduce Response Time
  • Minimize Cost Per Contact (CPC)

Make your customer service reps multilingual instantly.

Language support doesn't have to be difficult. GLOBO HQ makes it easy. Find out how. 

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