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Stories, tips, and resources to inspire you on your journey toward increased language access.

Matt Schuh

Matt Schuh
VP, Sales & Strategy at GLOBO

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How Health Insurance Providers Maintain Profitability with Language Services: Part 1

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) fundamentally shifted the health insurance landscape: The requirement that health insurers accept policyholders ...
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Topics: Health Insurance, Language Services Data

Improve Patient Experience with Quality Medical Interpreting

The recent shift in our nation's healthcare reimbursement model (from pay-for-volume to pay-for-value) has given patient satisfaction scores a new ...
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Topics: Healthcare, Medical Interpreting

Improve Health Outcomes with Better Language Access

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has significantly impacted the healthcare industry over the past 6 years. And while the fate of the ACA is unknown, ...
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Topics: Healthcare, Language Services

Medical Interpreting: 3 Signs Your Hospital Deserves an Upgrade

Patient-provider communication has a direct impact on medical outcomes, patient satisfaction and system-wide efficiency. Considering the ongoing ...
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Topics: Healthcare, Language Services

Open Enrollment: Communicate With Your Applicants in Any Language

It’s that time of year again. Today the Marketplace Open Enrollment Period commences, and Americans across the country will be shopping for new ...
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Topics: Health Insurance

Land Affordable Language Services (With Value)

  When you’re on the hunt for a new services provider, price crops up almost instantly. And that makes perfect sense – affordability has to be one of ...
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Topics: Telephone Interpreting, Language Services

Breaking Down the Language Access Requirements of Section 1557

The final ruling of Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) put major changes in motion regarding individuals’ ability to access health care ...
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Topics: Affordable Care Act, Healthcare, Health Insurance, Compliance, Language Access

The Affordable Care Act: What Compliance Looks Like for Health Insurance Providers

Click here to enlarge or download the image as a PDF. The Affordable Care Act is changing the health insurance landscape: The Affordable Care Act ...
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Topics: Affordable Care Act, Insurance, Healthcare

Telephone Interpreting Data: 3 Reasons the Details Matter

When your business relies on a call center to generate sales and support customers, you need as much information about your incoming and outgoing ...
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Topics: Telephone Interpreting, Language Services Data

3 Tips To Rock Claims Management In The Multilingual Age

Claims management looks very different than it did 20 years ago, and the industry will continue to change dramatically over the next decade. That's ...
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Topics: Insurance